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Glance of Linux History

I have discussed about Linux in several article previously, yet the history are not yet mention, so in these article, lets have a look at glance history of Linux Operating System. The development of Linux are closed with UNIX as reliable operating system during that time. Unix which are developed by Ken Thompson and Dennis

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Basic difference of MySQL and Oracle

Okay since now MySQL is being owned by Oracle, then what would be the difference within these two instead of its capability in handling numbers of clients and data, lets have a look it below. First you should know that MySQL despite its compatibility of all major operating system, its best match is with Apache

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MySQL Features

I have decided in adding some more information about MySQL instead of its plain history. Lets have a look at MySQL features. As its first development, creating stored procedure that are some features belong and able to run in Oracle, its not possible, yet after the fifth official release, MySQL 5.1 have equipped with these

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MySQL, the History

Okay lets start the article with software discussion. The software I’d like to talk is MySQL, its quite booming on the past few years ago, despite its currently being owned by other gigantic database company, yet its still counted as one of free database software. Lets begin with its development around the year of 1994,

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