Reasons why Linux are chosen as priority

Among many reasons why user and companies using Linux as their first priority, its open source function would be the dominant reason.

As for other consideration, major big companies, such as Google with their Android OS, IBM, HP, Intel, Dell, etc. have use it as well.

Ordinary reason such as security reason such as its safer using Linux then other OS since Linux have less attack then others. Not too mention its flexibility on many different hardware platforms and easiness on customization.

Companies might need latest software specifically for their daily routine activity. For these purposes, meeting latest technology, consumer need with market competition could effect on their business. With the same reason, updating the software is the only option they have, while with Linux, the company cost are able to be control more better other than using closed source software which requires additional budget for update the software.

If you look at the current situation, most of those major application software solution able to run in many different kind of operating system, Linux is one of it. Yet for their new release of software, it requires stable and latest operating system to run the software properly.

Lets have a look at security issues, Linux are consider as one of less operating system attacked by viruses and worms. To prove my point, lets have a look at the fact that on 2008, Linux have less then 100 known viruses, compare it with Windows for example, it had more than 1,000,000 known viruses.

And don’t forget the fact that some or even most of Linux user installing Linux under other operating system (Windows), these means that Linux installation files are sharing with Windows folders, which might reasons when host files infected with worms or viruses, the inside files might also infected as well.

Lets talk about the compatibility of the Linux OS, Linux are able to run in most hardware platforms. Just mention it, Intel x86 and x64, Itanium, Alpha, Mainframe, Itanium, even SPARC and UltraSPARC system.

With these fact its hard not to use it as priority operating system.

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