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Lst us be honest and acknowledge that many of our efforts

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in the morning at noon Mr. Keyworth easilv detected the

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bone marrow can be ruled out. That multiple myeloma may terminate

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The action of the liver upon the products of digestion which are tl

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the appearance of a greyish marrow like substance and

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pericarditis or pericarditis due to a foreign body.

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carrying out research in this field. As Public Health Engineering has also

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canals with their catarrhal ulcerative and cicatricial

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some hope of success to the surgeon extrinsic carcinoma little if any. Life

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Pboonosis. Acute laryngitis in the adult is a grave affection. The

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attached them to the ministry of war that of Austria still be

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accomplish somewhat like and somewhat different purposes.

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loans likewise experienced an increase. The present G. L loan balance of

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broughams or gigs and sad thoughts of rent and taxes rise

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affected by sea water and the hot sun. It is also recommended in

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care and skill radium might easily cause distressing

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are infinite in number and greatly varied in expression and that perhaps

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insanity that the law must take particular notice of the subject of insanity.

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may be expectorated in many diseases such as influenza typhoid

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The patient is anaesthetised by local applications of pure

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toward the passage of proper restrictive legislation. On

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but may be a shade darker than the normal. The red cell is

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old of skin below it the vestige of a prepuce but devoid of

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you some of the things which have made us enjoy and

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of the review of the materials in Mr. Foster s office

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often fill the nasal cavities and adhere tightly to the underlying mucous

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descend behind the lesser omentum and stomach to the space

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large trace of albumin. The sediment contained con


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by shaking and throw the liquid into the hopper. The

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battle scenes in the same publication by our Special Artist who

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destroy its specific character as an antigen. It does not seem necessary

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tion it shows no sign of reaccumulating. Time alone

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Moreover with respect to the specific standard chosen we recommend that a

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sound film will stand as inherently suited to class

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is clear that any rise which may have followed the injec

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other motive to place themselves at the disposal of the gov

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sufficiently involved as yet to lead to impairment of their function

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detection of precancer and cancer of almost and a range of to.

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His face was pale his eyes filled quick with tears

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no difficulty in finding those who wish to borrow the funds. But the

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decision and straightforwardness that show the and QaetUe May M.

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or nothing requiring our comment. Besides the record of proceedings at the

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terical disorders affecting the nervous system to be

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giving rise to dyspnoea and involving danger from inability to carry on the

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When the hand of gentle Flora decks the sunny land of Boone

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Observe students as they listen to the description of a person and

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sacred boughs he was led through the streets amid the prayers

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must we thoroughly prepare ourselves for what we have to do and

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thrown into a barrel and crushed with a sort of pes

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outline what Thucydides has given in arresting detail.

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amount without filing any claim notice or evidence or taking any ac

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salts dissolved in warm water to which may be added a small


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gagee With the Agriculture Department s prerlons experience I beliore Uils can

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tical Anatomy are all that the most diligent and zealous

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of property values and thus becomes one of the most

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himself of the idea that he is going to see a disease with

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it closely resemble tuberculosis. In c ses of more rapid progress the disease

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the importance of this procedure if the best results are to be obtained.

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In the Western tj e if the state board of equalisation decides

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pleuritic adhesions constantly found aft r death. These pleurisies are second

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thirds of the junior scholra ships were awarded to girls yet

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the wine and syrup of cinchona. The preparations of iron which I

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and gave off the gastric branch and one to the liver. The

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Hartnett Eugene H.. First Lieut and Asst Surgeon is

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tried two years to get round but not understanding sledge travelling

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and to such additional parties as the Commission may prescribe stating

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assuming to compel withdrawing members to compete for

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tions especially of the respiratory organs. The latter condition forms

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cavity. The technic observed by Simpson and Chalfant was as follows

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suggest mental disease. The immigration inspectors have been

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longs to this class. This is an extensive class and the number

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have handrails complying with the requirements for ramps in AS I installed

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the conditions under which different kinds of taxa

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flowing winds and the areas of clear or cloudy and rainy sky. The

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