Further Battery Saving in MacBook

Lets discuss more further with battery saving in MacBook. Compare it with its previous laptop (iBook, PowerBook) release by Apple, MacBook would be more consumable in battery.

Okay lets start it with battery being used. Lithium-Ion which is recent technology in battery usage, are claimed able to produce maximal power with less maintenance.

Battery life is depend on usage, and the usage of application we used to open is the matter. For graphic software, it might require extra power, other than opening a note application for example.


Macbook Battery Saving by Processor Management

Battery, that would be the common issues with us whom using laptop or notebook as our main computer. Imagine the condition while you’re browsing or in the middle of presentation, the battery run out, its such a shame.

Despite you could reduce the consume of battery with minimal background lighting, yet it might be more helpful for you with processor management.

The processor management I’m about to discuss is related into MacBook computer which usually equipped with CoreDuo processor. Instead of using two core of processor, one processor is enough for simple browsing or open simple application.


Basic difference of MySQL and Oracle

Okay since now MySQL is being owned by Oracle, then what would be the difference within these two instead of its capability in handling numbers of clients and data, lets have a look it below.

First you should know that MySQL despite its compatibility of all major operating system, its best match is with Apache web server which are better worked in *nix environment.

If you disagree with me, its alright, but you might want to reconsider it when you see the super user administrator in MySQL are best known as “root”, similar with super user in *nix environment isn’t it.

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