MySQL, the History

Okay lets start the article with software discussion. The software I’d like to talk is MySQL, its quite booming on the past few years ago, despite its currently being owned by other gigantic database company, yet its still counted as one of free database software.

Lets begin with its development around the year of 1994, some software developer and database consultant company (MYSQL AB) which is located in Sweden is involved in MySQL first creation. Despite its main purpose is building related database application for web creation for one its client, yet the further development made them to release it free on public.

Michael Widenius, is the person behind MySQL development, serving for TcX DataKonsult AB, he first began looking for related SQL front-end which are suitable for his application development. Back at those days, the existing database application available are way to big and hardware consuming as well. As he choose to look some simple SQL application that able run in limited machine and fast rendering as well.

The searched are finally stop when he found David Hughes with his mSQL (almost similar to SQL). Yet, later Michael a.k.a Monty decide to create his own SQL machine, which lately called as MySQL. The name “My” before SQL is still unknown, despite some source says it came from his first name, some says its coming from his daughter, well it might just more simpler than that, it might he just want to claimed it as one of his creation and put the word “My” in front.

Okay lets fast forward few years ahead, when internet waves struck the world, the development of MySQL became more advanced and steal programmer heart and trying to use it. Especially for web development which being new trend on those years.

MySQL were chosen because of its small, and also under GPL license which are much cheaper then any other database application. And not just stop there, MySQL also able to work under various number of operating system, such as Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

You might remember at software called XAMP, WAMP, or you might be more familiar with LAMP or a set of software which are consists of Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL, and Perl/PHP/Phyton.

These set of software have made MySQL known widely by the world, as for its further development, SUN Microsystem have bought MySQL as one of his own.

Later after SUN being taken by Oracle, now the future of MySQL is on Oracle hand. Yet, the software still updated, despite not that rapid as few years ago, anyway its still free to download as well.

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