Linux Licenses

You might have know that Linux is under GNU GPL (Generic Public License) which developed by Free Software Foundation. Just for your information GPL meaning that the source code of these software are freely open. Its also mean despite some person might have modify the source code for their own purposes, still they should redistribute the source code freely. These action could kept the source code stay free for life time.

As for GNU stands for GNU’s not UNIX, to understand it, you might need to take a look at Linux history. As its first release, Linux are meant to get UNIX version of Operating System but free.

Don’t get mixed with freeware and shareware, these two type of licensing are belong to closed source licenses. These two type of licenses are freely distributed and free of charge, but, the source code is closed. And then the other one is shareware, similar to freeware, yet for the source code, you could get it, but you they will charge you for it.

So now you should know it better that Linux is open source software.

Because of its open source, Linux are often chosen as companies operating system priority. Unlike their competitor, which have support team, Linux have community of software developer for discussing some bugs issues.

Since Linux is an Open source Operating system, other software developer able to read other developer source code, modifying it, and use it as he or she likes.

If you do worry about the future of Linux OS since its support are based on community, don’t worry, some top company such as IBM, DELL, etc. have decide using Linux as their server, so why don’t we.

These open software fact, might create question on your head, if its free distributed, then how could then they get some profit for releasing the new and latest version of Linux. The answer is simple, the companies get their revenue from selling the hardware for supporting the operating system or it could be more further with developing software that is closed source license that runs in Linux.

Hope that’s explain enough about Linux Licensing.

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