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is present in the blood at least throughout the febrile

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cultivate it in a pure culture have manifestly failed. Pasteur and Fol

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in the brain and spinal cord this again hampers the

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that the same nerve may have different functions. Bear in mind

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the Philippines introduced from tropical America. Malaya tropical Africa and

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Chinese woman crippled by this process is simply atrophied it

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grouping or arranging of the figures so as to analyze what

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he finds that the English language is but little culti

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dispenser and be immediately recognized as marking a package con

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Belt web icith pouch This takes the place of the old hospital

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societies the number of cases in which an autopsy is obtained

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the disease does not recur. In the absence of an acquired immunity persons

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selrcs so extensively over the greater part of the globe since the

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serving the Lower East Side date back more than years

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In some eases perfect motion had been obtained at the

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and this is followed by a solution of the colouring matter of the

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by means of inoculation through the medium of the skin not only

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shut in and must perforce accumulate instead of being cast off

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The Board then adjourned to meet at the call of the President.

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To the first class belong the carbuncular erysipelas of sheep

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My own experience in the reduction of these dislocations is

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the spine are quite commonly observed. The teeth become

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actually in arliculo mortis his prognosis it seems

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in acute diphtheritic dysentery after the formation of the diphtheritic

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The nature of morbid action is next noticed. Under this head we are

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pox. It is however particularly fatal to young chil

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bers of the typhoid paratyphoid group could not be excluded as a

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week. He apparently placed absolute confidence in the advice and began at

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tary Bureau of the Health Department Typhoid fever cases

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In the same atonic gout the viscera of the thorax also are

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