Glance of Linux History

I have discussed about Linux in several article previously, yet the history are not yet mention, so in these article, lets have a look at glance history of Linux Operating System.

The development of Linux are closed with UNIX as reliable operating system during that time. Unix which are developed by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie in the late 60′s have formed hacker culture on the 1980′s. The hacker culture during that time is identical with figure Richard Stallman, from Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT. He and latter hacker community believe sharing source code and knowledge will eventually increase the development of the software itself.

In the mid-1980s, Stallman formed the Free Software Foundation (FSF) to encourage free software development. Most of his community are colleges and student on university whom ran UNIX as their operating system and work environment.
From these year the GNU project are started.

Linus Torvalds a Finnish student if the first person whom experimenting with Linux development in 1991 with Intel x86 which became standard home and business hardware platform during that time. And these is the first time Linux published under GNU GPL.

Starting from there numbers of software developer have release new improved and reliable Linux kernel system that have interest amount of companies and users. These action have made many version and distribution of Linux collection, lets see, Red Hat, Mandreake, and Suse.

Right now, the distribution or we often sort it as Linux distro have evolve into numbers of version, some even made by local software developer.

Yet, Red Hat Linux would the Linux distro which being widely use around the world. The second one is Suse Linux. Slacware, Debian, ubuntu, and Turbo Linux shares the rest of the chart Linux distro.

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