Further Battery Saving in MacBook

Lets discuss more further with battery saving in MacBook. Compare it with its previous laptop (iBook, PowerBook) release by Apple, MacBook would be more consumable in battery.

Okay lets start it with battery being used. Lithium-Ion which is recent technology in battery usage, are claimed able to produce maximal power with less maintenance.

Battery life is depend on usage, and the usage of application we used to open is the matter. For graphic software, it might require extra power, other than opening a note application for example.

Apple as MacBook manufacturer claimed that their battery able to work optimal until the cycle reach 300. In some cases, user complain that their battery have drop before the cycle reach 300, some even able to work optimal even have exceed 300. So the how to make it optimum, lets see it below.

Open System Profiler to know how much cycle left on your MacBook battery.
About This Mac > More Info
Choose Power column on the left.
Good would be the best condition you look for your battery status.

Battery saving could be done with software and hardware. As for software, reducing the brightness of your screen, turning off bluetooth and wi-Fi connection if not used, could reduce battery consumes. Screen saver and widget and dashboard also effecting the battery, try to reduce it.

As for Hardware saving, could be done by removing cd/dvd, or flash disk if not used, the disc and power being used to read the disc will add the battery consume. Draining the battery at least once a month also recommended. You could done it yourself by leaving your MacBook until its automatically sleep when the battery almost run out, then charge it again until the indicator showing 100%.

There you go, may you have longer battery lives.

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