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therefrom without unduly hazarding life. Such interference is
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chorea. I have sometimes, however, been able reciprocally to
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of bedrooms a battery of water-closets, with every window
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moist: but if they both are diy, or both of a moist constitu.-
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from the start. The influence of bryonia alone will do much
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were treated in the same wards. Caiger among 48,000 scarlet fever patients
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percussing extremity of which terminates in a truncated cone, and
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may be avoided for there was no true aggregatio mentium.
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are sufficient. The application of the actual cautery over the origin of the
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tical Treatise," and we are inclined to consider it
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however, detracts in no way from Simpson's fame. There is an
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not hold membership in any Association or Society in affiliation with this
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operations. It must no longer be thought that the technique of amputa-
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sign, as it shows that the unaccustomed exercise is beginning to take
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through all without showing a sign of illness. Since that
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Had it been pure nitrate, it should have yielded sixty-four per cent.
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The amount of blood contained in the cortical portion is greatly
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where there is a similar abundance of nerves, the period of incubation is
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are demonstrated. It is found that atropin in small doses will elimi-
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1868 a. — Beobachtungen iiber die Wirkung des Benzins gegen Bandwiirmer.
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branch had recently been tied. Hypertrophy ceases, and atrophy takes its place.
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1 1. Rich EC, Crowson TW, Harris IB The diagnostic value of the medical
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with 0.2 c.c. to positive with 0.3 c.c. The cell count fell from 36 to 5 per c.mm.
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Nephritis : ^^ ^^^ Therapeutic Gazette for November, James
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tiff's rags were subject to disinfection, and to impose
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The reflexes for a day or two are exaggerated, but later
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general conservative opinion seems to be that the dose must be kept
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Hospital. B.A. 1978, Johns Hopkins University; M.D.
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time always seen, about the head and neck, and under the
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it prevailed in. the island of St. Christopher, by John Squaer, Esq.,
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In this respect one's sympathies are with the stock owner,
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quently, had to the operation of dividing the stricture;
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total destruction of the left pyramid, and only a small focus in the medio-

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