Basic difference of MySQL and Oracle

Okay since now MySQL is being owned by Oracle, then what would be the difference within these two instead of its capability in handling numbers of clients and data, lets have a look it below.

First you should know that MySQL despite its compatibility of all major operating system, its best match is with Apache web server which are better worked in *nix environment. Some related software company in California also using these database software as one of its engine.

If you disagree with me, its alright, but you might want to reconsider it when you see the super user administrator in MySQL are best known as “root”, similar with super user in *nix environment isn’t it.

Okay lets have a look at command, as I have described in previous article, the difference are obvious in MySQL, a semicolon after end of SQL command. These is crucial command required in MySQL.

Okay, lets take a look more further, which is more important, the framework. In ordinary database creation in Oracle, whenever you create a database, the main structure would be database -> scheme -> table.

While in MySQL its much more simple, only database and table. Each of user should be added for privilege access of the databases. Usually you could do it with simple command of “grand”.

Of course with “root” privilege, you will be able to access all of your databases.

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