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Glance of Linux History

I have discussed about Linux in several article previously, yet the history are not yet mention, so in these article, lets have a look at glance history of Linux Operating System. The development of Linux are closed with UNIX as reliable operating system during that time. Unix which are developed by Ken Thompson and Dennis

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Reasons why Linux are chosen as priority

Among many reasons why user and companies using Linux as their first priority, its open source function would be the dominant reason. As for other consideration, major big companies, such as Google with their Android OS, IBM, HP, Intel, Dell, etc. have use it as well. Ordinary reason such as security reason such as its

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Linux Licenses

You might have know that Linux is under GNU GPL (Generic Public License) which developed by Free Software Foundation. Just for your information GPL meaning that the source code of these software are freely open. Its also mean despite some person might have modify the source code for their own purposes, still they should redistribute

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Understanding Linux Kernel

What is Linux kernel? Or you might asked what is Linux? Linux is an operating system which are open source software, which able to be freely download and distributed, you could get it on the internet. What about Linux kernel, what is it? Kernel is some kind of alias which being introduced by Linux for

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