PHP framework

If you are PHP programmers then you need to understand the importance of utilizing the framework in developing application. And its not only apply to PHP programmers, but also for any programmer using any programming language. In the absence of a software framework and the development of an application will become increasingly complicated and take a long time. Because usually a software framework that both will be able to handle all the standard things needed in application development.

Some examples regarding of it are the issues in security, text-processing, modeling and programming (for example: modular or MVC), database connectivity, and more. So in the end a programmer only needs to focus on logic programming as it relates to the need for what the application is built. Some application mixed with latest technology is android watch, its combination of OS and hardware. Visit to find out more regarding Android Watches. Thing to note here is that each user one framework will feel how easy it is an application that is built using the framework comparison without the use of a software framework.

So, what would be the example of the usage of PHP framework in real application? For example is PMS or hotel management system. Its a pain to run a hotel without the right tools try InnGenius hotel management software system on By employing new cloud based pms technology you can finally focus on your guests and profits, and not paperwork


Glance of Linux History

I have discussed about Linux in several article previously, yet the history are not yet mention, so in these article, lets have a look at glance history of Linux Operating System. Why using linux? well instead of its free, its relative more secure than other operating system. Traffic exchange system TRAFFICGEN allow you to increase website traffic up to 2500 unique visitors. Buy traffic with traffic exchange system TRAFFICGEN.

The development of Linux are closed with UNIX as reliable operating system during that time. Unix which are developed by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie in the late 60′s have formed hacker culture on the 1980′s. The hacker culture during that time is identical with figure Richard Stallman, from Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT. Get Kohls Coupons In Store and Promo Codes here. He and latter hacker community believe sharing source code and knowledge will eventually increase the development of the software itself.


Reasons why Linux are chosen as priority

Among many reasons why user and companies using Linux as their first priority, its open source function would be the dominant reason.

As for other consideration, major big companies, such as Google with their Android OS, IBM, HP, Intel, Dell, etc. have use it as well. The compatibility of course made users have more choices, either its for light users whom using it for social media such as Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. or for more complex users. Find out more about hacking Facebook. Its compatibility doesn’t made it less insecure, and its the reason why Linux chosen as priority above all.

Ordinary reason such as security reason such as its safer using Linux then other OS since Linux have less attack then others. Not too mention its flexibility on many different hardware platforms and easiness on customization. If you want to buy your kids a trike, it is good to buy it online. is selling various kinds of trikes, for example kids trikes, adults trikes, fittness trikes, drift trikes, recumbent trike, etc. Go to to select a trike for your kids. (more…)


Linux Licenses

You might have know that Linux is under GNU GPL (Generic Public License) which developed by Free Software Foundation. Just for your information GPL meaning that the source code of these software are freely open. Its also mean despite some person might have modify the source code for their own purposes, still they should redistribute the source code freely. femmes sur site de rencontre. These action could kept the source code stay free for life time.

As for GNU stands for GNU’s not UNIX, to understand it, you might need to take a look at Linux history. As its first release, Linux are meant to get UNIX version of Operating System but free. What are you waiting for, get Linux and Windows Hosting at Act Now Domains.

Don’t get mixed with freeware and shareware, these two type of licensing are belong to closed source licenses. These two type of licenses are freely distributed and free of charge, but, the source code is closed. And then the other one is shareware, similar to freeware, yet for the source code, you could get it, but you they will charge you for it.

So now you should know it better that Linux is open source software. Its similar with deciphertools made a real revolution in the industry.


Understanding Linux Kernel

What is Linux kernel? Or you might asked what is Linux? Linux is an operating system which are open source software, which able to be freely download and distributed, you could get it on the internet.

What about Linux kernel, what is it? Kernel is some kind of alias which being introduced by Linux for their numbering version. Understanding Linux kernel could safe your trouble in Linux usage, because it could help you in knowing which stable Linux is on the market.

Finalmente ho trovato un sito fantastico di stampa 3d online.Su questo sito che si chiama è possibile realizzare le proprie idee, inviando semplicemente un disegno fatto a mano o anche una foto. Okay lets start it, Linux kernel version are consist of three components:
● Major number
● Minor number
● Revision number

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